Sewing, machine embroidery and digitising are my passion. 


At school I loved home economics and bought my first basic Singer sewing machine after getting an after school job and saving like mad.  My first project when I got it home was to make my Mum a dressing gown from a Jersey fabric, not using a pattern I cut out the shapes and sewed them together.  Mum then modelled the dressing and I don't think we had every laughed so much.  I'm sure I still have a photograph so when I come across it I will post it on here and you will see why.

Life became very busy after leaving school working full time, getting married and having children so sewing took a back seat.  I would only sew very occasionally.  

Years passed and I dug out my machine gave it a good service and started sewing again, unfortunately the machine stopped working.  One day I was at a craft village and wandered past a shop that sold sewing machines, I was drawn in like a magnetic.  There I was wandering round in awe of all the new all singing all dancing machines.  The owner came over and asked if I was looking for anything in particular, I said no not really and explained what had happened to my dear old singer.  They only stocked Brother machines so I had a run down on them.  The lady then showed me the Brother inno-vis v5 but with a price tag of nearly £3000.00 I was not sure at all, plus I had never used an embroidery machine.

I went away without committing but couldn't stop thinking about it.  Two weeks later I was back there ordering this little diamond.  Luckily it came with lessons.  I have never for one minute regretting the decision of buying this machine I absolutely love it. 


Now I can spend all day and night designing, test stitching and making up designs and patterns, and find nothing better than finishing a product ready for my customers.

It's my time out to, because I can actually get lost in my sewingroom where nothing is important apart from what I am doing at the time.

I also teach digitising and machine sewing and help run groups. As you can imagine housework sometimes takes a back seat.

To me there is nothing better than choosing fabrics, threads and finishing a product ok sometimes it doesn't quite go to plan but there is always the trusted seam ripper.