Let's Review

I get numerous e-mails asking me which machine I use, what's my favourite threads, fabric supplier and so on.

So each week I will be featuring and reviewing my favourites. This week will be about my first every embroidery machine which I have had for several years now and even thought I have another machine she is still my favourite.

It's the one and only Brother Inno-vis V5.

So what do I love about the V5? Everything. This is my go to machine for sewing and embroidery. Firstly lets focus on the sewing side. The machine comes with a selection of feet that will start you off with your sewing experience. One step buttonhole, zipper, overcasting, Zigzag, monogram and more. These are the feet you will use the most but there are loads more to add to your collection in time. You also receive other essential equipment as in needles, seem ripper, scissors screwdrivers and again lots more. There 531 different stitches to choose from and with most of these you can change the size length and width wise. Other features I use a lot are the 14 different buttonholes, with just a touch of a button your machine will stitch out your chosen buttonhole in one step.

I have an overlocker but I tend to use the built in one on the V5 rather than get another machine out, it just as good.

There's just so much with this machine.

Now lets look at the embroidery side, obviously it comes with an embroidery foot. There are 227 designs already built in which include quilt blocks and free standing lace.

You get 2 embroidery frames a 4 x 4 inch (100mm x 100mm) and a 7 x 12 inch (300mm x 180mm), different size frames are available to purchase and I would recommend the 5 x 7inch (130mm x 180mm). The V5 stitches these designs with ease and a quality stitch out. You can transform a boring plain T-Shirt into a work of art.

There is also an embroidery edit section on your machine that allows you to add words and other pictures, increase or decrease the size, move your design around the frame and much more.

Purchasing upgrade kits will add larger frames and more designs and fonts to your machine.

The full colour screen allows you to view your designs before you start to stitch.

I could go on and on about this little beauty, but you need to try it for yourself.

The link below will take you to the V5 available through Amazon.

Click here

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