What's New This Week

Well that week flew by, and what wonderful weather we have, let hope it continues (for me a tad cooler).

So what have I been up to this week, well had a dress making class on Tuesday with a couple of friends 6 hours and all we did was measure ourselves and look at patterns. I'm thinking on piece of clothing could take a while HAHA.

Also helped run and sewing and embroidery group, quite a bit more was there. Then I finished the Moon Applique I had been working and started some new designs, so keep an eye out for those.

Last week we spoke about Bosal and Flusible fleece, so this week i thought I would show you a bag I made using bosal.

As you can see by the bag it makes it a lot sturdier and helps it to stand.

So i will attach the link again just incase you missed it.

Click here for Bosal